I bring expertise and passion to the discipline of visual communication known as design

Currently the Art Director at the new possibilities group; a design and web development agency. Creating good design is about carrying the message through to the user, while mainting an excellent user experience. that's what success looks like to me.

responsive WEB design

responsive design is a website design that responds to the screen size it’s being displayed on, from mobile to monitor, I design them all.

web design

creating a design that communicates your message and allows the users to digset your message efficiently and quicky, that's the point of a good design.

ui design

user interface design is present all across the web, espcialy in admin tools and the ever so popular apps we download, a good UI design is key to user growth.

small business design

you're a small business with a simple goal... convert viewers to customers. A good website allows the users to really dig into your product!


Branding is important to any company looking to create a consistent message, taking that message across multiple media formats is important; from business cards to the web.

Web Design

A logo is a symbol that represents you and your company, the amount of thought and effort you put into it will contribute to how people see you on their first impression.

Graphic Design

from print to web, having the ability to communicate in multiple media formats increases your reach.



Check out my full portflio over at the npgroup main website where I lead a team of talented designers with the one goal of creating good work.
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